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As our name suggests, we only offer the GREENEST of SOLUTIONS

Green HVAC Solutions has chosen to represent only a handful of companies and HVAC related products. The products below have been tested numerous times and have proven installations that we can refer you to for verification. We believe these products, all used on the high pressure sideof your HVAC system, to be on the cutting edge for energy efficiency.


Introducing Refrigerated Pre-Coolers For Air Cooled Condensers & Chillers


The Chilling Filters Co. has developed a patented chilled water evaporative pre-cooler filter system that resolves all of the challenges with air cooled coils. The system uses the time proven principle of evaporative cooling to provide clean air at a stable temperature for the heat exchange process.





Introducing The Only Energy Efficient HVAC Coil Coating

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This glass like coating is the world's best corrosion protection for condenser and evaporator coils. But that's not all; it makes your condenser coils more efficient and they stay that way longer. This equates to savings on energy and prolonged life in the field, helping your bottom line.